We are so much more!

A turnkey and one source solution, replacement of OEM and after-market products through our manufacturing and strategic operations.

Expert technical support and service of products from the selection process to operations from design to after-sales support advice

Becoming an integral part of the productivity and operations of each customer’s business by providing the right products and technical solutions that optimize service and delivery

24-hour on call-service plan to assist and satisfy the continuous process of multi-shift operations

We boast an engineering division manufacturing conveyor rollers to facilitate growth in our industry and community through local manufacture and transfer of skills, through innovation training, with the aid of our Corporate Social Investment Programme (CSI), and support models. Bearinglynks's approach to manufacturing and engineering is a synergistic approach based on meeting our customer needs. At Bearinglynk, we offer flexible and responsive manufacturing solutions that use carefully monitored process controls. Our application engineering and research and development teams are focused on your business creating the optimal solution to meet your performance goals while looking for opportunities to reduce the expense of products used in your specific applications. We offer a wide array of testing services for our customers to achieve desired bearing performance results.

Bearinglynk's team is skilled in applications that involve a complex system of shafts and bearings, such as transmissions. Our Application Engineers employ sophisticated calculation tools to effectively model misalignment conditions, complex duty cycles and lubricant conditions to more accurately predict bearing life in the application. For applications involving harsh contamination such as Agricultural, Lawn and Garden and Material Handling, etc., the knowledge of the Application Engineering staff and the vast possibilities of industry proven seal designs can be leveraged to keep out contaminants in the most severe environments. Our product and service quality are given the highest priority. Our employees receive training on quality methods and principles. At every level within the organization, we are engaged in improving product quality and processes. This deep level of commitment has helped us to earn our customer trust and grow nationally as a supplier of choice.